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Grades of Rides

The grades are guidelines based on our experience and customer feedback. They are intended to help you choose a tour or ride that best matches your ability, fitness level and preferences.

To help you to choose which is the best for you, we grade all our rides based on the level of physical challenge and the type and difficulty of the route. The tour/ride notes contain information about terrain, daily mileage and ‘ascent’ (ie the ‘elevation gain’ of the hills). If you are unsure about what tour is best for you and would like to chat about what to expect, please call us on 07710 550237 or email



25-45 miles daily

Who's it for?
Those new to cycling, irregular cyclists or those who just want to enjoy a steady ride. You will be looking forward to the social aspect of the tour, the cafe stops and the evening dining as much as the cycling

The emphasis is very much on enjoying rolling on two wheels at a steady pace, taking in the wonderful scenery with regular cafe stops.

Gently undulating routes. Option of trying some steeper hills, which are voluntary and will be accompanied by an experienced ride leader



40-75 miles daily

Who's it for?
For riders with experience, good fitness and a decent level of skill. Some of the features that may be experienced in a higher grade tour

You enjoy a challenge and will enjoy the satisfaction of tackling some steep climbs and technical descents as well as some reasonably long days on the bike.

Undulating with hills, including some steep climbs and technical descents



55-100 miles daily

Who's it for?
Regular cyclists with good stamina. You will probably have completed some sportive rides of over 70 miles including testing climbs. Serious road riding for experienced cyclists.

To test yourself against some of the most challenging roads and climbs in the UK. You might be a ‘moderate’ rider seeking a challenge with the back up of a YVT ride leader and support.

Hilly, some very steep climbs and technical descents.

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